Day 4- In the big blogger house…. and Chloe’s out of her depth

Hullo there.


Day 4 of the Bloggers Challenge.

Today’s task is to write a post on a recipe of some sort.

This is all well and good for you foodie bloggers.

You know who you are…

You folk who post pictures of artistically placed quartered lemon on a dainty bed of risotto.

You folk who go gaga over anything ‘free from’ or ‘organic’.

This is your territory.

I’m the girl queuing up inside the kebab shop.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I do try.


Like here, for example…

a simple crisp sandwich is dressed up with chilli and becomes a feast for the senses.

What do you mean I’m not fooling anyone?

A crisp sandwich will always be just a crisp sandwich, won’t it?



Half a packet of Tayto Cheese and Onion crisps

2 slices of bread

Shit loads of butter

A good slap of mayonnaise for good measure

Half a sliced red & green chilli -Remember: the green chilli is the hotter of the two and use sparingly

(Chloe can and will not be held accountable for any anal trauma or loss of limb incurred through excessive use of chilli)


A good cup of tea


You mean to tell me that you can work the internet but you can’t make a sandwich?



2 thoughts on “Day 4- In the big blogger house…. and Chloe’s out of her depth

  1. Fuckety-fuck, shenanigans, and now shit-loads of butter and a good slap of mayonnaise – I do love your language. Curiously, Tayto cheese-and-onion also feature in my next post which will shamble into the world tomorrow/today/whenever I figure out how to get a photo into it (I am new to this … and also a bit of a technoshambles … but I will triumph … at something that today’s toddlers can do without even having to look up from ‘Grand Theft Auto’ on their iPads). Looking forward to the rest of the month’s posts from you – even if you’re obviously taking it easy by picking a month with only 30 days in it.

  2. If you ask me, there aren’t enough blog posts on the auld Tayto Cheese and Onion so I’ll be looking forward to that one. Ah it’s not that difficult… press a few buttons here and there and hope for the best! Seems to work for me. Yeah, I worked that one quite well, didn’t I?

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