Old lady boobs what?!

I thought I’d write a very short post on the Google search items which lead people onto my blog.

I’ve been going through this list regularly and having a good snigger to myself.

I just thought I’d share with you all what a bunch of strange albeit sexually adventurous people you truly are.


1. “Old man”

Nothing too outlandish here. Keep scrolling.


2. “Old lady big saggy boobs”

Slightly more disturbing than the previous.


3. “Deirdre Barlow boobs”

Too far.


4.  “Virgins”

Um… Thanks for associating me with such searches, Google.


5. “ عجوز ”

I have absolutely no idea what the above means. It probably translates as ‘absolute nonsense’, in which case I totally understand the linking with my blog.


6. “How to get a masturbate”

Have you tried eBay?


7. “How to draw Pomeranian dogs”



8. “yaşlı resimleri”

No idea.


9. “Santa in chimney kids pushing him out”

Oh, ok? Really? That’s… interesting.


10. “How to get babes”

No Google search in the world can help with that, my friend.


11. “Old people eating cat food”

Yes, I can totally see how that’s relevant to my blog.


12. “Shower stinky boy sister”

….What sort of people use the internet nowadays?


13. “Where can I buy Gail Platt’s beige jacket?”

Are you joking? You’ve got to be joking? Probably the worst of all the searched items.


14. “Honest to blog”

Thank God, at least someone out there is actually looking for my blog. God bless you!


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