Oh, you guys!

Why hellllo there.

…Yes, I know it’s been a while…
Yes, I am aware of that too.
Uh huh…

You know what?

You guys are like that old relative who delights in making you feel bad cos you don’t call or visit enough.

I just wanted to stop by and let you all know that I’m a little bit closer to getting my ‘technical issue’ resolved. However, again, I am writing this from my phone and so there will be no stupid pictures yet again.

Also, to let you all know that I’m a finalist in the Blog Awards Ireland. Yay!

Which leads me on to say this:
Thank you all for nominating, voting and just reading my blog. I’ve received a few lovely comments in the comment section recently and have been so flattered. Honestly, thank you, you fantastic people.

I am incredibly flattered to be a finalist alongside such funny bloggers.

I am still debating on whether I can attend the ceremony but fingers crossed. I would love the excuse to be dapper of an evening.

And drunk.

Dapper and drunk. That’s what I aspire to.

God love the folk sitting at my table.


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