Liebster Shmeibster

Thanks to Ripley Trout, the Nemo of t’internet, Honest to Blog has been nominated for the Liebster award. Ripley’s blog can be found here (No. Not lobster. Liebster. At first glance I thought this fish fella had mistook me for some form of sea life but no).

As part of the nomination process, I’m allowed to either: answer a list of personal questions or one big question. I’ve decided to go with the list of personal questions to keep things interesting, so here we go.


(1.) What  advice would you give to your 13 year old self?

This is easy.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, stop bleaching your hair. You are ginger. It wont seem so horrendous in a few years so stop battling with yourself.

Remember that pledge you took for abstaining from alcohol? The one you swore you would keep until your death bed. Yeah. You break that. Next year. At 14 you have your first sneaky drink. Vodka and pure orange. Luckily it’s only the one and you don’t do anything stupid.

…Oh yeah. Should probably mention this.

You know that Jason fella two years above you in school? You know, the really tall intimidating one who scares the life out of you with his larger than life persona and whose path you do everything to avoid? …Well, don’t say I told you… but life has a funny sense of humour. Your paths cross again but this time you end up falling for him.

At twenty one you agree to marry him and you’re happiest than you’ve ever been. So yeah. Congrats, kid.







(2.)   Why did you start your blog?

I had always loved Creative Writing as a child and my books were full of Teachers comments like “Keep up the creative writing and I’ll be able to say I knew that famous author”. I’m sure I’m not the only child to have such comments in their book but to me that was the world. I really was proud as punch. I could barely add two and two together but words were easy. I knew then that I had to write and still do. Approaching my last few months in school I didn’t have a clue what I planned on doing afterwards. Teachers recommended Journalism or English and that’s what I did. I didn’t know how else to get into writing so applied to study Journalism with English in University. I then set up my blog to help exercise my writing skills and to help me figure out what I actually wanted to write about. I deluded myself that I was happy in my little journalistic bubble for a while but I was miserable. Yeah, I was writing. But not in the way I wanted. It was  too competitive. There were too many rules. Too much of a rigid framework around it. I decided that I would have to leave the course in order to continue my love of writing, otherwise I’d end up a miserable Journalist hating my job wondering where the hell the passion went. I’m now studying towards a different degree but have decided to continue with the blog for my love of writing and will do so until that runs out. Or I’m hit by a bus.





(3.) Where do you see yourself in five years?

In a lovely magical ideal world: A lotto winner/writer spending days writing about the wonderful view from one of my many homes in the west of Ireland/Italy/Sweden. Later wandering carelessly around my kick ass orchard and humongous garden; picking apples and fruits to make assortments of jams and tarts. Then spending the evening being licked by my hundreds of puppies.

I’m joking!

I hope to have graduated and working towards a good career for myself. I would also like to be writing in some way. I want to help in addressing the issue of poverty; even if only in my spare time. Not in a Jesus or Gandhi way (Hell, I don’t have the feet for sandals like that!) but I’d like to be some way involved in influencing legislation. Like a semi-political Spiderman. Without the political status. You know what… I’ll just be Spiderman. With boobs.





(4.) How do you like to keep fit?

Walking to the fridge.

I wish I was joking here.



1.  Beautiful Health The writer of this blog is Jess- a fantastic, ambitious Journalist and Editor (and all round lovely person) whom I had the absolute privilege of working under.  Check out this blog for great make-up and health tips. Keep an eye out for this lady!

2. To My Write Written by Irish Journalist Jenny, this blog has something for everyone. With a very honest and humble style of writing, Jenny’s posts are excellent and so enjoyable to read. Her Irish wit is the cherry on top. Check her out guys. (The blog. Not Jenny)



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