What they said

I’ve decided to share a few of the lovely comments I’ve received on my blog.

Ohhhh, you guys.



– Jenny


“It really should be mandatory to read Chloe Mc Mahon’s blog that is if u don’t mind looking silly laughing at ur phone in the line to the bank machine. She says what you’re thinking when you’re too scared to say it”



“Your blogs are AMAZING…. Honestly! I LOLOLOLOLOL at the new years one! I’m sorry i’m only reading them now but GOD!”

-Sarah (One of my closest friends, who has decided to start reading almost one year later- charming!)


“HAHAHA! You crack me up!”

-Josie Bisett


“Chloe poe just read ur blog and could actually hear you saying every word, its hilarious!!!!”



“Chloe.. This is totally random, but I am in love with the blogs you do. They are really good and so funny. Literally read them and just agree with everything 🙂 keep it up girl xxx”



“Get off that laptop!”

-The Father


“Ohh my god! Laughed sooo much! Chloeee come back to usss in port!!”



“I couldn’t be bothered reading them”

-The Sister


“Dude! LOVED reading that.. Enjoy your yogurt..:L”






“Your blog is brilliant! Best of luck!”



“Remember me when you’re famous! Fair play”

-Sean ‘Seany Boy’ Cassidy


“I  thought I told you to get off that feckin’ laptop!”

-The Father



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