Who is this gobshite?

I started this blog as a twenty two year old, former Journalism student, who found the Journalistic world much too boring and serious. Turns out ‘fuckety-fuck-sticks’ isn’t appropriate Journalistic terminology.


Aside from fighting crime, striving to achieve world peace and eliminating world hunger, much of her time is spent doing the following: cleaning her ears, finding mysterious old receipts at the bottom of her handbag, watching dinosaur documentaries, losing/breaking/buying new glasses, searching her wardrobe for a pair of tights without holes in them, being morally bullied into taking leaflets from religious folk, drawing awful pictures, reminiscing on good times and sighing fondly to herself,  making cups of tea, forgetting about them and becoming distressed upon realising they’ve gone cold.


Willing to dance write for money (or cake).


2 thoughts on “Who is this gobshite?

  1. I think ‘FUCKETY FUCK STICKS’ could reasonably be the only thing written on the front page of any newspaper every day forever and count as a perfectly brilliant journalistic synopsis of the world’s goings-ons. Anyway, journalism’s loss is random babbling’s gain – and we all know which is more important.

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